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Launch Ramp

Our founders have spent a lifetime helping people find and land great careers. Because of this experience we understand what an important step it is to consider moving into a new position. It's about fit and timing. We are always interested in speaking with talented applicants. Some are active and ready to make a change now. With those applicants, we develop an understanding of them and define a plan to help them locate what they want as soon as possible.

Other applicants may not be ready to make the jump today, but are contemplating change, or may be willing to make a change for a very specific position. Some applicants are interested in making a change but know exactly what they want and just dont want to be bothered if the job isn't the exact fit they are looking for. For this second group of applicants we can place you on the ClearAbility Launch Ramp. You can think of this as a virtual bench. You continue to stay focused on your current work with your existing employer. Meanwhile, you can work with us to help us understand exactly what you are looking for and when you are prepared to make the change. Then we work confidentially in the background trying to identify that perfect fit for you. Once we uncover a reasonable option we will work it at your pace enabling you to make the right choice for yourself in the timing that works for you. When you are ready, we will help you move into that new position to launch your career in its new direction!

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