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Small business professional services firm founded in 2008.

Over 2 decades of experience helping organizations acquire talent and build top notch teams with over 10    

years serving the Intelligence Community.

Extensive pool of talented professionals, enabling us to have the resources to quickly deploy.

Proprietary technology to automate talent acquisition functions, this enables us to grow our pool of

resources, keeping it current, and reduces the time it takes to find the talent you need.

Proven ability to bring the right talent to the right project.

Employee focused, with emphasis on employee training and growth to maximize morale, loyalty, productivity and retention.


Challenge: Provide network engineers with extensive CISCO certifications.

Result: Within one week we were able to identify 3 applicants with 4 certifications, 2 with 2 certifications and 10+ with a CCNA out of over 800 potential fits.

Challenge: Provide a system administrator.

Result: We found the selected applicant in one day and had over 10 qualified backup candidates.

Challenge: Provide a C++ developer with systems level Linux skills.

Result: Found a qualified applicant within one week of being provided a full and accurate position description.

Challenge: Provide Information Assurance Analysts in a competitive situation.

Result: In one week, we located 18 fully qualified professionals which was more than twice as many as all other competitors combined.

Challenge: Provide various resources for surge hiring for new contract startup.

Result: Delivered 26 fully cleared engineering professionals across multiple teams including systems engineers, network engineers, software engineers, TTO managers and computer security engineers.


Quickly add key talent to fill holes on existing contracts.

Partner with you to build a team to win contracts.

Perform new delivery orders quickly on IDIQ contracts.

Assemble talented teams quickly at contract startup


Enable a prime contractor to meet small business subcontract goals working with an experienced small business partner.

ClearAbility has a proven track record of rapid responsiveness to partner/client needs.

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