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ClearAbility was founded in 2007 with the vision to deliver top-notch engineering talent in the fields of cybersecurity and technology-driven services. In 2024 the vision continues under new leadership with our primary goal to exceed the expectations of our DoD clients by providing exceptional engineers focused on the mission.
At ClearAbility, our employees are our greatest asset. We prioritize our employees' satisfaction by aligning their skills and passions with their roles.
We are seeking talented professionals at all levels to join our growing team. If you're ambitious and skilled, let's chat about how you can become a valued member of the ClearAbility Team.



Work Hard, Play Hard 
Know that we have you 
and your family covered
  • 100% Employer Paid Healthcare

  • 100% Employer Paid Dental Plan

  • 100% Employer Paid Vision Plan

  • 100% Employer Paid Short Term Disability

  • 100% Employer Paid Life and Accidental Death

  • 100% Employer Paid Disability Insurance

  • 11 Paid Federal Holidays

  • 401k Plan with ClearAbility funded & matching contributions

  • Customizable Personal Time Off

At ClearAbility, we focus on providing industry leading benefits that provide the best foundation for our employees.  Learn more about our Information Technology Company by sending us an email and let's have a talk.

Join Our Team

Are you up to the challenge?

We are always looking to add great talent to our team!

Send us an email  today

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